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Chulgo Nongjang is a small family farm where three generations live together. They specialize in making fermented soybean paste (Doenjang) and chili paste (Gochujang). They use organic chilies and soybean grown on their farm. The process of making doenjang and gochujang is a long process taking up to two years before the final product is ready to eat. Before industrialization, the taste of these essential Korean seasonings varied from farm to farm and family to family. Most industrial products are not fermented long enough but taste additives are mixed into to make a uniform and standardized taste. Not here at this farm where the fermentation process is still allowed to run its course in traditional clay jars. The grandmother was 86, but still going strong as can be seen from the photo where she kneads the rice dough for steamed Tteok. We were not very good a  making Tteok and th egrandmother was laughing loudly at our feeble tteok making skills. They served a delicious lunch with beatifully made varieties of kimchi. Thanks to the Song family for showing us their farm.

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